Fashions Created by Disabled Designers

People with disabilities (PWDs) are often misconstrued as totally different human beings. But in fact, we are just like them. They, too, enjoy the movies, eat pizza, fall in love, and get their hearts broken. In addition, they appreciate art, watch plays and like fashion. Yes, fashion. In fact, there is an increasing number of disabled models that are being recognized in this cutthroat industry.

Take a look at Madeline Stuart. Despite having Down Syndrome, she graced the runway of New York Fashion Week. Amputees like Jack Eyers and Blake Leeper have also made their catwalk during New York Fashion Week. Jillian Mercado, a woman with spastic muscular dystrophy, is now an exclusive IMG model. These groundbreaking moments just show that the fashion world is now turning to be more inclusive of the PWDs.

Fashions Created by Disabled Designers

Anyone, regardless of their social stature or incapacities, can do great things only if they tried their hardest. Even those who are suffering from hearing difficulties or learning disabilities can make it big in the fashion industry. Here are some of these people to prove that:

  • Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world’s most popular designers. He built an empire using the archetypal, outdoorsy American look. Despite being a household name, only a few know that he has a learning disability. He opted to not continue his college studies because he was “perceived as stupid at school” due to his dyslexia. A few years later, his brand is one of the most iconic brands in the world.

Recently, Tommy Hilfiger was reported to be collaborating with a mom in coming up with a new line of apparels. This clothing line is specifically designed for disabled children.

  • Lucie Carrasco

Lucie Carrasco is a French designer who made her debut during the 2011 Cannes Festival. She launched her feminine line, which is based on her obsession to beautiful women. This being said, Carrasco has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). It is a condition that  seriously gets worse as it progresses. But despite this, she worked really hard to achieve what she is today.

  • Belle Owen

Belle Owen was born with pseudochondroplasia. It is a disorder that impedes the growth of her bones. Being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life did not stop her to do the thing she loves: fashion. At the moment, she is working with a runway designer in creating fashionable clothes for PWDs.