Our Total Guide to Race Day Style For 2018

A day at the races is all about style and pizazz. Dressing up in company is one of life’s great pleasures for those able to afford the recreation. Equine animals are noble and graceful beasts, especially the thoroughbred racehorse. I consider that the pure beauty of these four-legged Pegasus like creatures inspire the race crowd in the member’s stand to look their best. The ladies, of course, lead the way in style and fashion choices at the race track. Beautiful women grace the stage, as fine animals, in much the same way as the thoroughbred steeds do.

Race Day Style in 2018

Race day style in 2018 will still be dominated by those perennial themes: sexual attraction and good breeding. The race course is a parade ground, where fillies always like to show a bit of leg. Off the shoulder and strapless figure hugging dresses are making their way down the catwalk early in 2018. The sport of kings continues to boast its adherence to class traditions, where the elite have exclusive access to the better facilities and parts of the race course. Top hats are catching on during the spring carnival in Melbourne for those owners in the member’s stand. This fashion tradition comes to us from Royal Ascot in the United Kingdom, where the royal family parade their passion for the gee gees.

Punters Love the Horse Racing Business

Punters love the horse racing business and, although, they may not get down to the track in record numbers anymore, they still love to get in some free bets, wherever possible. The fashion sense of the online punter may not quite reach the lofty heights of the debutante, but their love of horse racing is never in question. Tracky daks and thick gold chains on blokes wearing garish runners are still de riguour for the working-class punter.

Vomit Stained Plunging Necklines

Race day can be a real liability for those who drink to excess and fall down drunk to the detriment of their health and wellbeing. Melbourne Cups are, often, prone to attracting the excessive behaviours of those race attendees who party a little too hard. Vomit stained plunging necklines and panties around ankles of prostrate paralytic femme fatales are not uncommon sights around Flemington race course in November. What looks good on girls when standing upright, often looks astray on the pissed and passed out.